While I actually was working on Egoboo, I felt a built guilty about working on my own branch of the 2.22 code, and not contributing to Zippy. It seems like I probably could have helped Zippy move along, but the fact of the matter is that I don’t really like Zippy’s code-base. Every time I stepped away for a bit, it seems like some new amount of complication and obfuscation was added in, and I got tired of trying to keep up with it. It also didn’t help that every update that came through in CVS broke the Windows build in some odd manner. I’ve tried to get the current CVS (it hasn’t changed in 6 months or so) up and running several times, and it’s crashing with some odd memory error on me. Ah well.

So I didn’t want to work on Zippy, but I don’t want to compete against it either; it’s Elmin’s baby, and not something I’d try and outdo, even if I were able to. So rather than continue on the path I was going with Egoboo 2.22, I’m going to do something of my own. (The source code is still available for the work I did do though, at the links found on other posts here.)

Final Fantasy Tactics - Image from Moby Games

Final Fantasy Tactics is my favorite game of all time. (I haven’t really developed a liking for the Game Boy Advance version. Too much game to fit on that screen.) It’s a beautiful blend of story, gameplay, and surprisingly endearing graphics. To my mind it still looks much better than it’s siblings did on the original Playstation.

Editor Prototype

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?