Which of Apple's game technologies can I use?

08 Feb 2017

Writing this down here because I didn’t see an easy reference to it anywhere and I just took the time to figure it out.

I’m starting a new game-ish thing and figuring out what I want to build it in. What technologies can I use? In particular, I’m looking at:


Sneaking Clojure into an older Java project

18 Jan 2017

Now I’m not saying I did this, but if I was going to do it and took notes for future reference, this is how I’d sneak some Clojure code into an older, Ant based Java project.


Getting started with groov's APIs

04 Jan 2017

I’m a developer on groov, and our just released R3.3a version includes a new place to store arbitrary data (we call it the Data Store), and our first public API: a way to get data in and out of those Data Stores. We also included support for CORS, so you can use it from a web page as well.

CORS can be a bit confusing, and on top of that a bunch of our customers use self-signed SSL certificates on their groov instances, so I thought I’d write down a getting started guide to get people past all of those bumps.


Climate change and the 2016 Election

13 Sep 2016

I’ve always been registered independent, despite voting for the Democratic party most of the time. I don’t like that people identify as Democrat vs. Republican, or Liberal vs. Conservative, or whatever. I prefer looking at the policies of candidates, what issues they find important, and what character they show. Given that, I don’t care what label they choose for themselves.


Quick notes on using CEPL on macOS

16 Aug 2016

Just jotting down some notes while trying to get CEPL working on my oldish MacBook Pro running El Capitan.

CEPL running on El Capitan

Repositories you’ll need to clone locally:

Actually running it in SLIME:

Again, I can’t get the examples to run directly, but you can run the triangle example below by:

(in-package :cl-user)
(defpackage :triangle
  (:use #:cl #:cepl #:livesupport))

(in-package :triangle)

(defparameter *array* nil)
(defparameter *stream* nil)
(defparameter *running* nil)

(defstruct-g pos-col
  (position :vec3 :accessor pos)
  (color :vec4 :accessor col))

(defun-g tri-vert ((vert pos-col))
  (values (v! (pos vert) 1.0)
          (col vert)))

(defun-g tri-frag ((color :vec4))

(def-g-> prog-1 ()
  tri-vert tri-frag)

(defun step-demo ()
  (map-g #'prog-1 *stream*)

(defun run-loop ()
  (setf *running* t
        *array* (make-gpu-array (list (list (v!  0.5 -0.36 0) (v! 0 1 0 1))
                                      (list (v!    0   0.5 0) (v! 1 0 0 1))
                                      (list (v! -0.5 -0.36 0) (v! 0 0 1 1)))
                                :element-type 'pos-col)
        *stream* (make-buffer-stream *array*))
  (loop :while (and *running* (not (shutting-down-p))) :do
     (continuable (step-demo))))

(defun stop-loop ()
  (setf *running* nil))