I love Objective-C. It’s my go-to, favorite language for most things nowadays, with Python coming second. Heck, I started writing a web server in it a couple weeks ago because it sounds fun.

Objective-C is the reason I moved to Mac OS X: I picked up a copy of Big Nerd Ranch’s Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X on a whim and got hooked on the language, then spent too much time trying to make GNUstep work for me before I finally bought a Mac mini in 2005. (I passed it on to my younger brother years ago. Got a call from him earlier today asking if there were any way to get the newest iTunes on it. Nearly 9 years old and still going!)

So the iOS boom was awesome: I could justifiably write games in my favorite language! I’ve defaulted to iOS/Objective-C for a few years now.

It’s not all roses: I’m precluding support for non-Apple platforms. I’m trying to decide whether that matters to me.

I’d love to do games full-time, but I don’t. (I’d love to do Objective-C full time too, but I don’t do that either. I’m mostly writing Java and the occasional C++ at present.) I get at best 5 or 6 hours a week to work on games, mostly at lunchtime. Game development is strictly a hobby, something I do for myself, for fun.

And that should be the answer: if I’m doing this for myself, for fun, why not do it the way I’ll have the most fun with it? So while I feel kind of bad saying no when my mom asks about an Android port of Cute Rocket, it’s just not in the cards.