I’ve been beaten to it: http://www.galaxymage.org/

Between that, and a request that I not drop the Egoboo stuff I’ve been working on, I guess I should keep at it.

So in that spirit, this is a test release that has new menus in place enough to run the single player game. There isn’t any way to access the multiplayer stuff in this release, which is ok since it doesn’t work all that well yet anyway.

These were links, but I’ve lost the original files. See the Egoboo 2.x page for a more recent version.

  • Egoboo r39 - Win32
  • Egoboo r39 - Mac OS X
  • Egoboo r39 - Source

To run this release, extract one of the archives above into your Egoboo 2.22 directory. Windows users, you should probably make a backup of your egoboo.exe file first, as this will over-write it. Most Mac users don’t have a working Egoboo anyway, so this serves as a way to let you play the game if you can’t already. After you’ve extracted the archive, just go into your Egoboo directory and double-click on Egoboo.

I haven’t done much of anything with this since the last time I posted an update about it, so if you’ve played with the menu demo you’re not going to see much new in this release. The 640x480 limit still applies as well; the menus have been designed to look nice in 640x480, they look kinda silly in anything higher. Cleaning that up is one of the many things on the todo list.