I came across a link to Gunnerkrigg Court on Twitter the other day, and it’s a delight. It’s got the magical high school vibe going on, which I’m pretty sick of in general, but it skips almost all the school stuff and is just weird, in a great way. Highly recommended.

Along those lines, these are the comics I’m reading regularly nowadays:

  • Penny Arcade - Venerable, and good.
  • PVP - Also venerable, fairly funny.
  • Questionable Content - Soap opera-ey, but consistently good.
  • XKCD - Doesn’t really need an introduction.
  • Dresden Codak - Same wierdly awesome vibe that I get from Gunnerkrigg, and the art’s amazing.

I’ve also been following Scott Kurtz’s Table Titans and the PVP/Penny Arcade collaboration The Trenches, but I’m not terribly fond of them yet. Those are mostly my Tuesday/Thursday filler comics.