I have two children: a daughter and a son, 4½ & 2½ years old respectively. They love to play games on my phone: my son in particular always finds the new stuff that I’ve installed. Lately he (sort of) plays a lot of Ridiculous Fishing and Wiggler (which is hilarious, btw). My daughter’s latest fancy is Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph.

Neither kid can read yet (my daughter’s getting there), so they do a lot of tapping around to figure things out. Far too often, they get stuck in some bit of the game they can’t get out of, like a Game Center menu, some login thing, a Facebook or Twitter share prompt, etc. Or worse, they’ll tap on an ad or a web link and get booted out of the game entirely.

I want games that don’t do that sort of thing. Once you open the game, the only way you’re getting out of it is to hit the home button, and it’s never going to prompt you for something. I want stuff my 2 year old can play.

So I’m making one.

Rocket Dash (working title)

It’s a very simple game (being targeted at a 2 year old), inspired by a segment in Nickelodeon’s Bubble Guppies. Fly a rocket through space, collect stars, avoid rocks. I’m not an artist, so for this first game I’m using Dan Cook’s prototyping graphics. Hopefully, I’ll have it up on the App Store in a few weeks.