Hey, my Work/University just got in a few MacBooks to start testing before we start deploying Intel Macs in the campus. I snagged one for a little testing of my own, and it runs Egoboo beautifully. And this is the version I posted a couple months ago; NOT a Universal Binary. So on a Dual-Core MacBook Pro, the Rosetta translator is fast enough to run Egoboo roundabout 350 frames a second. Noice.

I’m going to be going to a Red Hat training course the week of the 17th in Las Vegas, and since I don’t gamble or drink, I’m going to bring the laptop along and see what I can accomplish Egoboo-wise on the lonely nights out there. With this thing, and Apple’s BootCamp, I can build and test on both Mac OS X and Windows. So here’s hoping I’m productive enough to add some kind of new feature that week. :)

(later): Shoot, SDL doesn’t quite work as a Universal Binary yet; at least not the release version. I’m not really in the mood to try and build it from source.