Haven’t had the time or drive to work on this in a couple weeks, so I thought I’d post up a demo of what I’ve got now so that people can play around with it.

Get the demo here:

These were links at one point, but I’ve lost the original files. For a more current version, see the Egoboo 2.x page.

  • Menu Demo for Windows
  • Menu Demo for Mac OS X
  • Source Code

To run the demo, just extract the contents of whichever archive you’re using into your Egoboo folder. You probably want to back-up your copy of the Egoboo executable first, ‘cause this will overwrite it. Make sure that you extract the folders as well on Windows; Winzip should do that by default.

I made no attempt whatsoever to run this at anything but 640x480, so I suggest you do that too, else it will look stupid. :)

The interesting bits of code are in the Gui.* and Font.* files, and the bottom half of menu.c shows it in use.