I love the idea of a static blog generator. A static site is secure, blazingly fast, and trivial to back up. I can use any editor I like, control every little aspect of it, and easily stick it in version control for a second backup.

In practice, it’s been a little more rocky. I’ve never gotten things set up so I could write comfortably from say, my iPad, so I write less. My Ruby installation breaks constantly (I’ve been using Octopress, which is built on top of Jekyll), and I haven’t taken the time to learn the ecosystem well enough to fix it. Octopress is a pain to customize, and all these things just take more time than I have to deal with.

All that has led to me not writing less, and when I try to something is inevitably broken, so I just put it off longer.

It’s time for that to change, so I’ve moved my blog over to Ghost. There are things about it I like and things I don’t, but it makes it really easy for me to just sit down and write when I want to. I need that more than I need the perfect solution.

At the same time, I’m switching domains as well. I’ve been using mohiji.org for a long, long time, but the word mohiji has felt a bit too childish to me for years now. From now on, I’m just me.

I’ll make sure all of the links to mohiji.org keep working though. If you run across something broken, let me know! Easiest way to get ahold of me is on Twitter @_jlfischer or via email: jonathan@mohiji.org.