Quick notes on using CEPL on macOS

16 Aug 2016

Just jotting down some notes while trying to get CEPL working on my oldish MacBook Pro running El Capitan.

CEPL running on El Capitan

Repositories you’ll need to clone locally:

Actually running it in SLIME:

Again, I can’t get the examples to run directly, but you can run the triangle example below by:

(in-package :cl-user)
(defpackage :triangle
  (:use #:cl #:cepl #:livesupport))

(in-package :triangle)

(defparameter *array* nil)
(defparameter *stream* nil)
(defparameter *running* nil)

(defstruct-g pos-col
  (position :vec3 :accessor pos)
  (color :vec4 :accessor col))

(defun-g tri-vert ((vert pos-col))
  (values (v! (pos vert) 1.0)
          (col vert)))

(defun-g tri-frag ((color :vec4))

(def-g-> prog-1 ()
  tri-vert tri-frag)

(defun step-demo ()
  (map-g #'prog-1 *stream*)

(defun run-loop ()
  (setf *running* t
        *array* (make-gpu-array (list (list (v!  0.5 -0.36 0) (v! 0 1 0 1))
                                      (list (v!    0   0.5 0) (v! 1 0 0 1))
                                      (list (v! -0.5 -0.36 0) (v! 0 0 1 1)))
                                :element-type 'pos-col)
        *stream* (make-buffer-stream *array*))
  (loop :while (and *running* (not (shutting-down-p))) :do
     (continuable (step-demo))))

(defun stop-loop ()
  (setf *running* nil))