I’ve totally slacked on Egoboo; between the Mail Server Move From Hell and breaking down and buying World of Warcraft, I haven’t spent much time coding.

That’s not what this post is about, however! My fiance and I have had a family of stray cats living in the bushes beneath our apartment for the last month or so. We caught 3 of the kittens last night, and after an embarrassing episode today in which we thought they’d been burgled (they can fit into the darndest places), we’ve got them in our apartment now.

So then here are the pictures!

Black Face White Face Whisper The bunch of them

The plan right now is to take them to an animal shelter, but I wanted to see if anyone out there is interested in taking in a stray kitten. They’ve been in the wild (the crazy wilderness of our apartment complex!) for awhile now, so they won’t be easy at all, but just judging from interacting with them in the last couple of hours they’re still tamable. They’ll need a goodly amount of love and care, but I have a feeling they’ll be good companions.

Again, these are stray kittens. They haven’t ever seen a vet, so they still need shots & spaying (all girls, as far as I can tell) & whatnot. But we can’t just let them continue to roam free. They need a home, whether with someone who wants them or with a shelter.

There’s still one more kitten out there, and their mother. The mom was totally a house cat at one point; she absolutely loves people. The last kitten is totally black, no white spots on it. (Haven’t caught that one to find out its sex, but we think it’s a girl too.)

If you’re in the San Diego area and might be interested, drop me an e-mail at tactics.monkey AT gmail DOT com.