Summer adventure games

05 Jun 2017

It’s the first weekday of summer vacation, and we don’t quite have childcare worked out yet, so my poor kids are stuck in the office with me this afternoon.

Kayla trying not to crack a smile

Kayla failing to not crack a smile

A few things come to mind. First, thank goodness for the Switch. Kayla’s playing Breath of the Wild quietly. Second, yay, there’s a new Monument Valley out today! That helps a ton.

Mostly though, I think I need to load up that computer in the background with old Sierra games. One of my elementary school summers (I think it was between 4th and 5th grade?) I remember spending a bunch of time at my friend’s dad’s dental office playing King’s Quest 3 and the Colonel’s Bequest on their computer.

I need to find some good adventure games for the kids. Good ones that take hours and hours to play though. :D